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COBie - Standardized Product Data Sheets for BIM

Building information modelling will be outlined as a method that involves generation, documentation and management of 3D models inhabited with geometric and parametric information. Plenty is being talked concerning BIM and its use within the entire style to construct method. Nowadays many BIM Consulting Services deliver VDC support, BIM 4D Simulation, BIM 5D Modeling, sustainability solutions and BIM for facility managers. However, from here on what the business really desires is standardization of the strategy data is received.

We all are aware that the United Kingdom government has created it compulsory to implement Level two BIM for all public sector projects. An integral part of delivering BIM level-2, is to supply data, within the sort of a COBie spreadsheet program. Thus all the documentation, assets and project information is delivered in an approved electronic format.

COBie: Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is an information exchange specification for the life-cycle capture and delivery of Knowledge required by facility managers. COBie may be viewed in design, construction and maintenance software similarly in simple spreadsheets.

COBie - Standardized Product Data Sheets for BIM

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In a typical construction project the information about the building is contained in drawings, bills of quantities and specifications. A number of construction professionals normally collaborate to put this documentation together. The documentation should then be updated through the construction phase and handed to the client. In reality, this does not always happen, or when it does, the documentation is supplied in a format such as PDF or paper that makes it very difficult for the client to use.

The idea behind COBie is that the key information is all pulled into one format and shared between the construction team at defined stages in a project. To meet the COBie requirement, the xBIM Toolkit is currently being developed to include functionalities that will support COBie throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

COBie - Standardized Product Data Sheets for BIM

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In order to compare easily, choose and incorporate products into BIM, BIM professionals would like a useful product data and they are hence asked this from the makers. It's important in saving unreasonable quantity of time and also the eliminating risk of errors, once designers manually enter general product data into BIM.

PDT & PDS For BIM: A template to help generate, for a given manufacturer’s product, within a given category, a set of information about the product. The output of this process is a product data sheet (PDS), that the manufacturer can then make available to any party.

The Product Data Templates (PDT) is to be used by product manufacturers to assemble general information about their products. A manufacturer will start from the relevant PDT. A PDT is an electronic spreadsheet, and it contains a set of required fields — questions or parameters — in a column, with another column being provided to enter the answers to the questions. Once a PDT is completed, following the instructions, the result can be saved, and shared. This new document is what we refer to as a product data sheet (PDS). The information is now consistent with PDSs provided by other manufacturers of the given product category.

A fully filled PTD can be hosed on manufacturer website so that they can easily downloaded and used into BIM and this simple spreadsheet which contain manufacturer data in a standard format, is delivered to a project and hence into COBie.

It is a high valued proposition for makers to form BIM objects along with Product information sheets accessible to be utilized in BIM projects. This is not possible having development team for BIM objects and normal spreadsheets; thus makers will partner with BIM services supplier and develop a BIM object library and PDS for each object inside this library.

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