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We are leading the market in the application of BIM software, tools, methods and processes in building engineering and construction sectors complying to the present project BIM requirements and precisely addressing business requisites without exceeding budgets and resources.

We offer a comprehensive line of services and solutions that focus basically on all major facets of building construction delivered through BIM integration. Over the years, we have attained immense expertise in strategic development of BIM/VDC strategies, scopes and plans related to engineering and construction projects.

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BIM Outsourcing is a professionally run organization catering extensive solutions regarding consultancy and implementation of useful tool in 3D modeling of construction with Build Information Modeling (BIM). We assist our clients with innovative ideas on BIM which includes BIM communication and BIM visibility. We excel in the field by offering expert guidance along with consulting services.

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Cutting-Edge BIM Services at BIM Outsourcing

With the ever changing trends in construction industry, BIM has emerged as one of the most used building technology. Today, 3D modeling is an outdated concept as BIM comes up with diversified features like 4D-enabling, the manipulation of models through time, 5D-incorporating cost data, nD-extrapolating energy utilization and sustainability performance. The current trend in BIM technology is much more advanced since it offers new openings for improved supply chain collaboration and more sophisticated information exchange.

BIM is now liable for controlling user experience, post-occupancy management, environmental performance, civil infrastructure and even urban development. BIM technology is also being applied to explore the viewpoints of pre-fabricating digitized modeling data to facilitate buildings to be printed.

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"Our core strength is high quality, quick and compact BIM and MEP services to architects, builders and engineers."

Feel free to contact us for Building Information Modeling requirements. We ensure that one of our representatives will respond you within 24 hours.

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